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In addition to landscaping and gardening we offer a number of other services to help you get the most out of your garden, maximising its potential for your usage and enjoyment.



Another way to add some interest to your garden is with lighting. Specialist lighting can enhance your garden, enabling you to enjoy it for longer as daylight fades in the summer months or when looking out on those dark winter evenings. Landscape lighting is a very specialist discipline and all our lighting projects are designed and installed by our expert landscaping electrician.  


Metalwork expertise


Why not add some extra detail to your garden - we work with a specialist fabricator who can design and construct bespoke railings, gates, pergolas, fence panels and raised decking platforms in a range of styles and colours. 

Water features

The inclusion of a water feature add’s a further dimension to any garden, however big or small. Whether it’s a rill, a small pond or a formal pond, will help attract wildlife and provide an even more tranquil setting to relax in.


Garden rooms

Give yourself a home away from home right on your property with a bespoke garden structure; a space for socialising, playing or just living. The opportunities for use can be limited only by your imagination. A garden room can also be equipped with a fully-functioning bathroom or kitchen. Since the pandemic caused a surge of people working from home or undertaking other projects, a peaceful space to maximise your focus is more sought after than ever and a garden room can be a great way to achieve this.

What’s more, a range of finishes from wooden construction to brickwork means that these rooms will fit right in with the overall look of your garden. Not sure if what you want is feasible? Talk to a member of our team and we can work with you on planning to find a way to make your vision a reality.


Irrigation systems 


Irrigation is a crucial component of outside garden works that takes the guesswork out of plant maintenance. It can provide the consistent and uniform watering which is essential for plant growth and deliver water directly to the roots of plants, minimising runoff and reducing water waste. This means your plants are getting the correct amount of water and stay healthy while avoiding the problems that under or over-watering can cause.

When proper irrigation is planned (especially if part of a new overall landscaping project) it can go a long way in giving you a beautiful, healthy garden that requires minimal maintenance, so you no longer have to worry about plants suffering if you forget to water or are away from home. We offer systems of various sizes and levels of complexity to fit you and your garden’s needs.

Ideally we would seek to install irrigation systems at the start of a new landscaping project to maximise effectiveness as planning ahead is key.


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